Cloak gif


Cloak is a company that I invented for a school branding project. The mandate was to create, design and package a product. I decided to create Cloak which is a made up paint company that manufactures different formats of paint as well as paint related supplies.

The biggest challenge for this project was to invent the company and figure out what the brand positioning was. Cloak products would be sold to people who are ready to pay for a high-end product that has been design with care.

cloak paint 2


To begin, I found the product that I wanted to package which was paint and then I chose the name Cloak because I wanted a word that is related to covering because that is what paint does.

I started brainstorming different design options for the company and I came up with this concept that is inspired by the Swiss design movement. The design consists of a series of gradients that represent the motion of painting. The concept was then applied and modified to fit on different formats and sizes to create a variety of products.

cloak paint 3


For this project I packaged a gallon and a ¼ gallon of paint, a can of spray paint, a paint brush and a mixing stick. The hardest part about this project was to fit all the information on the products so that it was clear.

Most of the products have a similar design so that the branding is consistent, but products have different colour codes so that they are noticeable.